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Intimus 21 CP4
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Intimus Confidential
Intimus 1000 S
Intimus 1000 C
Intimus 2500 S
Intimus 2500 C
Intimus 3000 S
Intimus 3000 C
Intimus 45 Sp2, 45 cp4, 45 cp5 & 45 cp7
Intimus 60 Sp2, 60 cp4, 60 cp5 & 60 cp7
Intimus 120 Sp2, 120 cp4, 120 cp5, 120 cp6 & 120 cp7
Intimus 130 Sp2 & 130 cp4
Intimus 175 SP2, 175 cp4, 175 cp5, 175 cp6 & 175 cp7
Intimus 852 cp4
Intimus PacMaster S & Vs
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Intimus 16.86

Shredder consumables

We have different bag sizes for shredders. Choose a bag suitable for the volume of your waste bin. Maximum tear strength.
Shredder Bags
Can be used for any shredder. Very easy to use. The oil is sprinkled onto 2-3 paper sheets which are then destroyed. It is not recommended to sprinkle the oil directly onto the blades.
Oil 110 ml
The 1-litre oil bottles are designed for shredders with automatic oiling. It is important to always keep a spare bottle on hand to ensure proper lubrication of the machine.
Oil 1 litre
The 5-litre oil bottles are designed for high-performance equipment. Correct lubrication of the cutting heads guarantees a longer cutting head life.
Oil 5 litres